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With a legacy of excellence spanning over four decades, Heritage India Exports has established itself as a beacon of quality and innovation in the home decor industry. Our journey began nearly 40 years ago, rooted in the rich textile heritage of India. Over the years, we have grown not just in experience but in our commitment to excellence. Each product we craft carries the legacy of our enduring dedication to quality and design.


40+ years of excellence

The Heritage Family

At the heart of our company is our family of dedicated employees. We believe in taking care of our team, ensuring that every member feels valued and supported. Our work environment fosters growth, learning, and a sense of belonging. We understand that our strength lies in our people, and we are committed to their wellbeing, viewing each employee as an integral part of the Heritage family.

Our expansive manufacturing capabilities enable us to partner with some of the world's largest and most renowned retailers. Our facility, equipped with cutting-edge technology and machinery, is designed to handle large-scale orders with precision and efficiency. This capacity allows us to seamlessly meet the high demands of major global retailers in the USA, UK, Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the Middle East. At Heritage, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exceptional quality products, tailored to the diverse needs of our international clientele, while maintaining timely delivery and unparalleled service.


Manufacturing at Scale

Honoring Traditions

At Heritage, we seamlessly blend the timeless beauty of traditions with contemporary designs. Our experienced design team is always at the forefront of global trends, ensuring that our creations are not just in vogue but also set new style benchmarks. We pride ourselves on our ability to innovate while respecting our heritage, offering unique and high-quality designs that cater to the evolving tastes of our discerning clientele.

Pioneering Trends

We have embraced the innovative use of eco-friendly plastic yarn, derived from recycled plastic bottles. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to environmental sustainability, demonstrating how traditional craftsmanship can harmoniously coexist with modern ecological practices. At Heritage, we're not just creating home decor; we're weaving a greener future.


Weaving a Greener Future

In our pursuit of crafting beautiful home decor, we place equal emphasis on empowering the lives behind these creations. At Heritage, fair wages are just the starting point. We are deeply committed to providing substantial opportunities for women, creating an environment where they can thrive professionally. Our approach goes beyond mere employment; it's about fostering a culture of respect, equality, and empowerment.


Empowering Women: Fair Wages and Beyond

Our commitment to sustainability is exemplified by our rainwater harvesting initiative. At Heritage, we understand the importance of conserving water and responsibly manage this precious resource. This initiative is a step towards environmental stewardship, reflecting our dedication to sustainable practices and our responsibility towards future generations.


Harvesting Rain, Nurturing Nature

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